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A community resource committed to sharing earth centered services and products. These services or products would include handmade brooms, beekeeping, fruit tree grafting and orchard maintenance. This is a one man show which is owned and operated by John Holzwart. The business is located in Sheboygan, WI and the majority of these services are offered in south east Wisconsin which includes Greater Milwaukee and the Madison area. John is also available to offer services in your area, for more information email John directly.




John’s brooms are one of a kind. He selects unique handles that are offered to you in a variety of styles made by hand with no machinery. OR maybe you’re looking to hire a broom maker for your event? You’ll be swept off your feet if you CLICK HERE.


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For several years John has had a passion for beekeeping. This passion has evolved over the years and several services are available for customers who want bees at their location or want them relocated. To see what the buzz is about, CLICK HERE.

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Plant Based Services offers many handcrafted products. John grows and wild forages many things throughout the year and you can share the harvest with him! To view a full line of our products, CLICK HERE.


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